We propose several themes for our workshops. In each workshop each attendee will receive his/her Insights Discovery Profile. Several chapters are available according to the Workshop chosen: Foundation Chapter, Management Chapter, Effective Selling Chapter, Personal Achievement Chapter, Interview Chapter.

Team Effectiveness

In a recent study released by the Insights Group, 70% of the questionnaire respondents claim being part of a dysfunctional team. Beginning with self-and-other-awareness, we help people understand why they choose to work the way they do, why others may make different choices, and what that might mean for the overall effectiveness of the team.

By applying that understanding, we help people to build better relationships with their closest colleagues at work. Where relationships improve, so do many things fundamental to team success, including productivity, communication, clarity of role and purpose, and overall team effectiveness. You can expect as a result a team highly interactive and focused on creating ownership, capable of healing dysfunctional patterns and creating sustainable shifts in thoughts, feelings and behaviour.

« Our objective was for the team members to get to know each other (and themselves) better and thereby to work more effectively as a team. This objective was met and the training lead to very interesting and fruitful discussions afterward.  The participants also enjoyed the workshop as such as it is given with a lot of passion by Natacha and Caroline, that are very complementary in their profiles, and find the right balance between theory and practice.  It was a pleasure to work with them”


Stéphanie Duchemin, Human Capital Manager, The House of Marketing 

During the workshop, we will map the entire team involved according to their personal profile.

This powerful tool highlights the different styles. Moreover we will identify strength and weaknesses of an organization.

This workshop is a 1- or 2-day program. It can be packed in one intense agenda or it can be combined with other activities in a team building approach. Ask us for advice.

Sales Effectiveness

Drawing on the depth of the Insights Discovery Personal Profile and in particular the Sales Effectiveness Chapter,  we help sales people understand how they can use their unique style to influence their customers, peers and managers, exceed their potential and form part of a truly exceptional sales team.

Using our in-depth insights generated by the Profile Report and Workshop Journal, we look deeply into consultative sales model that encourages a personal connection to the customer, and instant application of the learning.

In practice, after explaining the Insights Discovery framework, with the easy to understand color method, each salesperson in the workshop will learn to detect the most efficient style to communicate to the customer according to the customer's profile. Your sales people will learn to adapt to their customers for better performance.

This workshop is a 2-day program. It’s quite intense and requires full attention of the team present.

No preparation is needed except the completion of the Insights Discovery online questionnaire.

How does it work?

Each program is unique. We fully customize our programs according to each organization’s needs.

Since some companies want to include our workshop in a team building program, it can be combined with other activities such as a sport, fun games or a guided tour. CoachYou can help you with the organization of the entire event. Contact us to have a list of ideas and advice customized to your needs.

The workshop

This workshop is typically planned over 1 or 2 days. We will cover the Insights Discovery basics and each attendee will receive his/her profile. A number of exercises and discussions will provide the in-depth understanding of each team member’s particularity which will result in an action plan to improve collaboration.

Our aim is to make it a permanent tool used across the organization. We can design the agenda according to your needs and the number of persons attending the event.

The location

Our workshop can take place within the company. A large meeting room with enough space to place a 3-meter wide floor mat is necessary.  CoachYou comes with all the material needed, nothing is required from the customer.

The Workshop can also be organized outside the company. In this case, you have to reserve a venue or alternatively CoachYou can take care of it.

The schedule

Our Workshop typically run from 9:30 am to 17:30. There is a lunch break at 13h until 13h30 during which phone calls and emails can be attended. Outside that break the presence and attention of each attendee is indispensable. All devices will be on silent during the workshop.

The material

CoachYou provides all the material necessary. Besides a printed copy of their personal profile, each attendee of the Workshop will receive a Notebook and a set of Legos with the 4 colors.