In this program we focus on the Personal Effectiveness within an organisation. This program is designed to have a significant impact on communication within a team,  leadership skills and overall performance. As a result of this program  greater assertiveness, stronger self-awareness and a drastic change in the perception by others is expected.


Who’s it for?

For all employees of an organisation. From C-level to early stage of a career. We will help C-levels connect with their team by reinforcing their leadership. Or we will design a career development plan with middle management by raising self-awareness and understanding of the organisation’s needs.



How does it work?

The conversations are one-to-one with the employee. At first, CoachYou will interview the team of the employee to build an understanding of the perception of the employee. Afterwards a series of confidential conversations will take place.

We advice to start with 5 sessions of 1 hour. According to your needs, we can add more sessions.

Where does it take place ?

CoachYou can come to the company’s facility where a quiet meeting room must be reserved for the session. Some sessions can also be done remotely using Skype, Messenger Video or Google Hangout.